Basket Boat Tour(Coconut Boat Tour) of Hacoconut?

The man make a special performance on coconut boat
Travelers are talking picture of Bay Mau Coconut Forest for saving memory on their tour and saving this beautiful place
Looking how traditional fishing in Vietnam
Hoi An Coconut Boat Tour(Basket Boat Tour) and Cooking class introduction

Coconut Boat Tour is also called as Basket Boat Tour. Coming to Hoi An you may not ignore the Bay Mau Coconut Forest. It is a wonderful ecological spot in Hoi An. But to visit you must have a boat to see the beauty. If you do not know where to enjoy the coconut boat tour in Hoi An, let come with us. Combining with basket boat we offer basket boat tour in Hoi An for sightseeing Bay Mau Coconut Forest on Thu Bon river

We are committed to making the best use of our ability to best serve our customers, the pleasure of our customers when using our basket boat tour services is our happiness.

- Are you looking for the best Hoi An basket boat tour? Would you like one that is a bit more private and without needing a full package tour? If so, this is the Hoi An boat tour for you!
- What better way to check out Hoi An's surrounding villages than on a boat tour? On this trip you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional fishing culture of Vietnam.

Hoi An Coconut Boat Tour, Basket Boat Tour, Coconut Village. With price only 115,000VND you can enjoy to ride the basket boat tour in Hoi An. Basket boat is also called as bamboo boat, coconut boat, a special boat in Vietnam. Beside of coconut boat tour if you would like we can combine cooking class and local food into our basket boat tour.

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