Frequently asked questions

Coconut boat / basket boat tour

The good time for doing the boat trip depends on the weather that day and what is the season on that day. In our experience you should join at:
- Hot season(April to September): For the morning time you should join arround 7:30-9:30am and noon time should join arroud 3-5PM due to that season the weather in Vietnam is so hot. Join early in the morning time and late in the noon time for avoiding the hot weather
- Raining season(Otober to March): 7:30am-4:30PM, at that season almost the time is good for joining, but one note that you should go early since this season the weather goes to dark very soon.
- Joining for seeing sunset: Joining after 4:10PM, if the sky is not cloudy and you join at that time, on the way going back after finished activities you may see the sunset view on the river.
Notes: Finsing throwing activity will not have after 4:30PM

Yes, it is safe to ride the basket boat in the rain. In case there are storms or inclement weather you will be informed as soon as possible.

We have life jacket for every tourists, beside of that we have a security team jutify all the time, so it will be safe. Only pregnant is not recommended.

Any things, but we recommend something the you feel comfortable.

You don't need to prepare anything, we already prepare everything for you, which include: Vietnamese hat, life jacket, umbrella, raincoat...

Yes, it is a must on the tour, government will remind us if any tourists don't wear life jacket, so you should wear life jacket during the tour.

Yes, You can try all activities for free, exept for trying fast spinning boat you will need a little tip.

You can only ride the basket boat together with the captain, but don't worry because if you would like you can ask our captain and they will give you a chance to do it yourself!

Because the service in run mainly by locals, almost profits will be brought to poor fishermen who will be captains on your basket boat, and also we do not have to pay for third parties or any brokers.